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Zombie Touch♥

The names Megan Elizabeth.
Black hair, Hazel eyes.
I have a son, his name is Anrek. He passed away July 27, 2013 at 6 months old...
My son is my world, nothing will ever change that.
Mess with me all you want, but talk about my child, and I will fuck you up.
I play my xbox like a whore plays dicks.
I am not a girly girl.
I am myself, thats all that should matter.
I fall in love way to easy/.
I am in love with the idea of love.
I just want to feel wanted.
I don't like people.
I'm obsessed with zombies.
I'm a sweetheart.
Wild Turkey is my weakness♥
Bob Marley is my hero.
Im fat and proud.
I am married♥ To Samuel Derek Steele.! He has my heart.!

I live in Sausville, West Virginia.
I'm myself. That's all.
Fuck what everyone else says.
I can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare.
I want a love like Jack and Sally.♥

Mar 15th at 2PM / 7 notes

To love is a horrid thing..

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